Main Reasons Why to Lose Weight

Even though we hear, almost daily, different information about the risks associated with obesity, there are still a lot of people among us who act as if this information does not concern them and they deliberately ignore the reasons to lose weight. They always put losing weight aside because of other factors in their life which are more important than dieting.

If you belong to this group of people, you are aware of your weight problem but your complacency and fear of change keeps you from doing anything about it. But if you need a kick in the butt to start then think of these few reasons why you should begin immediately. And please, NO excuses!

Reasons to lose weight


Being healthy is more important than anything else. Wouldn’t it be nice to enjoy life without joint pain, without the risk of cancer? The sad truth is we value our health when we lose it. Today it’s statistically proven that overweight people die younger. Even a couple more pounds hurts your body in more ways than one. It hurts your joints, and heart… Also there is a huge amount of waste and toxic substances that accumulate and circulate throughout the body. Don’t be surprised if you’re getting more and more tired; you just have a lot of waste in your body. If you decide to lose weight you significantly reduce the risk of lifestyle diseases such as diabetes, cancer and heart attack. It doesn’t take much. All you have to do, is decide what you want to change and do something about it. Don’t put yourself in a position when even losing weight won’t help you because it’s too late. Start today!


Many conditions that require prescription meds, or even over-the-counter medications, can be traced back to the patient carrying around too much weight. Losing weight often reduces the need for these medications or can sometimes reverse the effects so the meds are no longer needed. This can be very liberating and can save you a lot of money. Many health issues come from stress. When you lose weight and start working out you will be amazed about how well you can cope with stress.

Increased self-confidence

If you believe it or not, our self-esteem affects us every day. Whether it’s at work, a job interview or just meeting with friends. Not everyone realizes this, but try to observe people around you. For example when shopping: notice how the people working there behave. They are often nicer and more polite to customers who have high self-esteem. Higher self-esteem can help you find a better job, or get you the desired promotion. When you are overweight it’s not easy to have the right confidence. People who are overweight or obese usually underestimate themselves and don’t believe in their abilities. And this is the reason why they often waste important opportunities in life. Successful weight loss will certainly increase confidence.


Are you tired of long stretch clothes? Do you have a problem to get into your favorite jeans? Do you want to look good in almost everything you put on? This may be one of those good reasons to lose weight. Everyone wants to look good and wants to hear praise from family and friends. Trust me, the feeling you get when put on your shirt and realize that you could do with a smaller size is amazing. Sometimes rewarding yourself with a few new pieces of clothing can be a great way to motivate you to continue losing weight. If you’re still losing, don’t invest too much money in new clothes just yet. It might be costly.

Improving fitness

Finally you can do whatever you want without breathing heavily. You can enjoy doing sports or just enjoy playing with children or grandchildren without fatigue after ten minutes. Being overweight often keeps people from trying hobbies such as hang gliding, competitive sports, dancing, swimming, etc. Having fun in outdoor activities with your family or friends is so much easier when you’re not carrying extra weight around.

Whatever the motivation to lose weight is, find it within you and start!

Even when losing weight the saying: “Where there is a will, there is a way!” applies. If you found the perfect reason to lose weight, the sooner you start the closer you will be to your desired goal.

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