It really isn’t that difficult…

I went to the gym this morning and I noticed something that has been happening for some time now and that is to finish an exercise and no put dumbbells and weights back where they belong. First, it was only the big guys, those who shout when they work out so people would notice them (you know the kind) but I think women started doing it too.

I also noticed that the more the woman is the more she thinks she can get away with it. You can say that this doesn’t happen at your gym, but I think you find people like this everywhere.

They just don’t care about the rest of people there. I understand that they are tired after a workout and nobody feels like dragging heavy weights around, but come on! Somebody will have to do it for them. Clean their crap.

If someone has a gym at home he can do whatever he wants of course, but among other people? It is really sad to watch the tiny women who are trying to clean up after these big idiots, and they absolutely do not give a damn.

The sad thing is that young guys want to be like these dimwits and they repeat everything after them, even this.

So come on guys… Let’s be nice, it really isn’t that difficult to put the dumbbells and weights back onto a rack.

polar ft7