Glucan keeps us healthy!

Glucan is a polysaccharide and its beneficial effects on human health have been known for centuries. shitake mushroom

Even healers in old China knew that glucan effectively fights viruses. Glucan gets its fans not only thanks to the traditional Asian medicine, but also because of current scientific evidence. The results of research of scientists from Japan, Russia and the USA have brought definite conclusion that glucan in the body increases the quality and level of immune response. Glucan is increasingly used as a dietary supplement that promotes not only physical, but also mental health. The list of medicinal effects of glucan states such things as: a significant strengthening of the immune system, treatment of arthritis or relief of emotional stress.

Alpha glucans and Beta glucans

Glucans are of natural origin with immunomodulatory effects. This means that the compound sugars support the natural imunity. Glucans are divided into alpha and beta glucans. Alpha glucans are unique because they help protect the body against invading infectious mutant viruses and bacteria that even antibiotics cannot cure. The great advantage of beta glucans is their versatility – from the treatment of infectious diseases, chronic disease to treating cancer. Besides taking a glucan it is also important to take vitamin C, which protects cells from oxygen radicals that arise due to the activation of phagocytosis because of the glucan intake.

So what does it do exactly?

  • enhances the immune system and thus helps prevent flu, colds or other viral, infectious diseases
  • it helps treat a variety of inflammatory diseases and reduces symptoms of allergies
  • reduces the risk of respiratory diseases
  • can be used as a supplementary treatment for diseases of the digestive tract
  • helps people who suffer from diabetes
  • slows the aging process of cells and has a rejuvenating effect
  • fights against free radicals from the environment;
  • can be used in cases of physical exhaustion and mental stress
  • is used for prevention of cancer diseases
  • helps extend the first phase of the disease in HIV positive patients

Where can we find glucan? oyster mushroom

Perhaps the most significant sources of glucan are so-called medicinal mushrooms. Glucan, which can be found for example in Oyster mushroom or Shitake, activates macrophages in the body, which are components of the immune system responsible for the destruction of pathogens (viruses, infections, yeast), removing toxic compounds from the body. This simple molecule is contained in barley and oats.

Instead of growing your own mushroom, you can also get it as a supplement.