Thai massage

My girlfriend’s been bugging me about a double massage for a long time. I don’t know why women want to do everything together but that’s a story too long for a single post.

So anyway, I went with it and the massage she chose was Thai massage. I heard a lot about it but was kind of afraid to try it out because a lot of guys told me they got erection. The thing is the tiny Thai women massage your groin, very close to your bollocks which is not all that bad. And you can imagine what happens then.

So we walked into this small but a very nice room and the receptionist told us to change into clothes that were already there for us. My girlfriend only got all sizes underwear and it really did look horrible. I got these big Mc Hammer pants and a weird looking shirt. After we changed two very nice Thai women walked in and started working on us. I have to say it was quite nice.

I got little nervous when she started moving closer to my gentleman’s area and for those couple of minutes I didn’t really enjoy it. I was thinking about politicians and politics so I wouldn’t even come close to saluting. As she was moving away from that area I started enjoying it again. It took about an hour and I was pretty relaxed at the end and I really felt like I had a whole new body.

It must have been quite a sight though; a 2’2” little Thai woman working on a 6’5” 210 pounds guy.

I still prefer regular massage though. I don’t know there is something about a masseuse sitting on your ass and sweating like crazy to ease those muscle spasms on your back.

The next massage I want to try is chocolate massage. They cover you in chocolate and then lick it off (just kidding). I don’t know what it’s supposed to do but I’ll see. Let you know.