7 killers of your diet!

You’ve been eating healthy, but your weight is not dropping? The problem is that the food we eat, we think is nutritious. But it’s not always the case.

If you pay close attention to what you eat and start reading the labels, you might just see the results in couple of weeks.

1. Yogurt with flavor on the bottom

You know the yoghurts you have to stir to get the flavor you wanted? Stay away from those, however tasty they might be. Dairy products and fruit are undoubtedly very healthy combination.

Syrup, which sweetens the two components, however, is not so healthy – it adds unnecessary calories to your diet.

Try to mix plain yogurt with fresh fruit. You get a delicacy, which has 90% less sugar than the ready-made crap from the store.

2. Caesar saladcaesar salad

“Although nutritionists recommend starting a meal with a salad, Caesar type of salad is not a good choice” says American Dietetic Association spokeswoman Heather Mangieri.

There are three key ingredients to blame. Mayonnaise dressing (120 calories or more), croutons or white toast (100 calories or more) and shredded / sliced cheese (100 calories or more). Depending on the size of the portions the caloric intake from a healthy looking salad can double up.

If a salad is not your main dish, but only a side dish, replace the mayonnaise with a light yogurt and leave out the bread and cheese.

3. Ketchup

Now ketchup is something you should really stay away from. I know what you thinking, ketchup isn’t as bad as mayonnaise and you just got to use one of those.

But the fact is that 20% is sugar.

In this case, you have two options; either you taste the food in advance and you may find that you don’t need ketchup at all. If, however, you really can live without it, buy the sugar free one. It’ll be just the job.

4. Granola bars

They are whole grain, supply energy and the advertisements are telling us that it’s the healthiest alternative to sweets.

Unfortunately, many of them do more harm than help. Especially the ones dipped in chocolate or yogurt and the cheaper ones also include unnecessary carbs.

Read the labels and try to find the ones that have the lowest percentage of sugars and a high percentage of protein.

5. Dried fruit

The natural form of fruit has a large amount of vitamins, minerals and fructose. In dried form, the situation is quite different. Have you ever tried dried pineapple slices or small cubes of papaya? It feels like eating sugar.

In addition, some fruits also lose their nutrients when they’re dried.

Always try to eat fresh fruit. And if for some reason you can have it, dry the fruit yourself. It’ll still be better than the one from the shop.

6. Fruit juices

Healthy and full of vitamins, yet incredibly sweet. If you read the label carefully, you will find that few of juices contain less than 40 calories per one cup.

If, during the day, you drink one liter (33 oz.) of fruit juice, it’s like having one extra main dish. If you made a fruit juice yourself, there’s nothing wrong with it.

I actually urge you to juice everything, even Brussels sprouts. It does wonders! And it’s much healthier than the juices you buy in stores.

7. Dairy products

Milk as such provides enough protein, calcium and many other healthy substances. It is more than certain that the “fatter” the milk product is the fuller and richer flavor we can expect.

If you‘re on a diet, you don’t have to automatically switch to everything low-fat. You should, however, be aware of what you eat. A bun with cream cheese and a glass of whole milk with creamy yogurt for a snack won’t do much good for your body.

So this is what you should stay away from if you want to have a new body. Good luck