What’s your excuse?

I came across a friend yesterday who used to work out a lot but for some reason he just stopped.  I don’t remember the exact reason, but it’s not important. I remember when he worked out he often talked about how much he can bench, squat, etc. The boasting was endless. It did get on my nerves.

I never told him anything because I was just jealous. I just made fun of him instead. He is a good friend who didn’t mind.

But yesterday was something different about him. He got used to not working out and the energy he used to boast he now used to make excuses. And there were plenty.

I couldn’t believe this is the same guy. But he ended every excuse with “I will start eventually”.

That got me thinking.

Lately all you hear is excuses. It’s not only when it comes to working out or losing weight. It’s everywhere.

I know my job is shit and I will get a new job soon; or I’m gonna write that article but….; I’m going to quit smoking, but it’s so difficult.

Sounds familiar?

Just ask yourselves how many times you used an excuse instead of actually doing something you were supposed to.

If people stopped making excuses, we all would get a lot more things done.

My favorite is “I don’t have time”. Then make time goddamnit! We all have 24 hours in a day. You’re not alone. If you like sleeping in, that’s fine, but don’t talk about not having time to do this or that.

Just think about how much time you spend doing nothing. For example if you waste 1 hour a day, that’s 365 hours which is 15 days! And that’s full days. No sleeping, eating etc.

15 days is a lot. That’s half a month! How about spending that one hour a day doing something useful? Can you imagine where you could be in a year?

What do you think is this guy’s excuse?

Don’t wait another day to do things you know you should do. Start now!