Spinach (Popey got a boner)

Is spinach one of the best vegetables you can buy? You bet! 

Spinach is rich in magnesium (only 50 g of spinach covers the recommended daily dose) ensures intestinal absorption of small building blocks (nucleotides) required for recovery and rejuvenation of cells.

Magnesium is also a mineral that improves muscle function and strengthens the heart.

Spinach also contains manganese, a trace mineral, which is necessary for metabolism, hematopoiesis (the formation and development of blood cells), bone formation, nerve and brain function, sexuality, skin and hair pigmentation, production of the hormones of happiness and healthy thyroid function.

Spinach is an ideal vegetable for people who are under constant stress. It is a quick supply of vital substances and ensures proper functioning of all major organs.

Spinach is a gift of nature to children and adolescents who need a healthy blood, oxygen and a lot of healthy cells. It’s also ideal for the elderly, because it effectively helps to slow down the ticking of biological clock.

Spinach contains literally a life-giving combination of B vitamins, which are essential for metabolism of carbohydrates, good nerves and brain performance.

A significant role has biotin (beauty vitamin for beautiful skin, hair, nails, blood sugar levels, the function of muscle cells) and niacin (vitamin B3 for cellular energy, heart, and a good night’s sleep).

In addition, spinach contains a lot of vitamin E (for visual acuity, cardiac function, sexual function and mental freshness).

Spinach is a rich source of calcium, necessary for the formation of bones, teeth and nerves. It also contains copper (which supports the production of the hormone of happiness, brown skin color and pigmentation of hair) and iron (for hematopoietic and cell oxygenation. Spinach also contains potassium, which is water retentive and in an excessively salty diet it deacidifies the body. The amount of fiber in spinach purifies and detoxifies the intestines, eliminates the lack of bowel movement and constipation.

So what are the benefits of eating spinach?

  • protects the mucous membranes in the body
  • activates the metabolism of carbohydrates
  • soothes nerves and strengthens the brain
  • helps to get beautiful skin, beautiful hair and nails
  • raises blood sugar levels, reduces fatigue and depression
  • provides better, more cheerful mood
  • promotes muscle activity and heart
  • strengthens the immune system
  • helps with night blindness and impaired vision
  • stimulates libido, potency and ability to orgasm
  • stimulates bone formation, strengthens teeth
  • helps to reduce weight
  • eliminates poor bowel function and constipation

Spinach contains a great deal of high-quality trace minerals and it’s recommended to eat smaller doses. If your serving is large then the minerals will compete with each other, because the body is unable to absorb all at once. If you prepare the spinach with one of the healthy oils, it’ll slow down digestion so the body will have time to process all the nutrients.

Now you understand why Olive Oil loved Popeye so much. After he had some spinach it wasn’t only his arms that got stronger. D’you know what i mean?