Garlic (the smell of health)

Have you ever considered eating garlic every day? You should definitely think about it. I know the smell isn’t really pleasant, but it gives you a lot of benefits and you’ll start feeling better within few days.

Garlic cannot be mistaken for anything else – it has such a penetrating odor. After eating garlic, a person smells because an intense mixture of active ingredients of garlic quickly enters the blood and is excreted partially through the lungs by breathing and through the skin by evaporation.

In nature, however, everything that has a sharp taste and a strong smell is healthy and full of active ingredients.

About 0.1 to 0.3 percent of garlic pulp is allicin, which is excreted in the metabolism and that’s where the smell comes from.

The metabolism of allicin creates various active substances that fight against many diseases.

Allicin destroys bacteria and fungi, lowers cholesterol and fat levels and helps blood circulation.

The healing effects of garlic

  • improves blood circulation
  • lowers the level of fats in the blood, helping to prevent atherosclerosis
  • helps against diseases of veins and varicose veins
  • alleviates problems with hemorrhoids
  • strengthens the heart and blood circulation
  • destroys harmful intestinal bacteria and fungi
  • promotes weight loss
  • lowers blood pressure
  • increases the ability to concentrate
  • helps intestinal problems, constipation and flatulence
  • slows the aging process

Allicin in the bloodstream stimulates metabolism, vitalizes, rejuvenates, detoxifies the body and removes other pollutants.

Garlic is used as a herbal medicine for hemorrhoids, rheumatism, asthma and many other diseases. Active ingredients in the garlic alleviate and treat digestive disorders such as bloating, bowel problems, intestinal cramps and constipation.

Garlic improves blood circulation and gives the skin a healthy color.

A great tip

If you don’t want to smell of garlic, cut it in little pieces and then down it with glass of water like a pill. This it goes straight into your stomach without biting or chewing it.