Times are hard! Really?

We hear that every day. I turned on the radio this morning and the first thing they talked about was about how the country is more in debt and that people take out more loans than they are able to pay. If you turn on the TV and watch the news, all you see is robberies, murders, crooked politicians, people being broke, etc.

This begs a question

Watching, reading, hearing only bad news etc. doesn’t that prolong the problem? I’m not saying being oblivious to what’s happening in the world is a way to go, but seriously, what good does it do?

Times are hard because everything we see, read or hear tells us so and that affects us.

Let’s try an experiment

How about talking only about positive stuff? There are many great and positive things happening in the world, why don’t they broadcast that? I know it wouldn’t have great viewing numbers, but there’ll be some more people that will wake up with a smile instead of suicide thoughts.

Now only if they talked about how great times are… I am not saying people would have more money or be more healthy but there would be some calmness to it I think.

They say “Misery loves company” and it might be true. But to everyone who believes that and acts upon it, my message to them is FUCK YOU!

Keep your whining to yourself. Focus only on the good stuff. There is plenty to choose from.