Salmon (The healthiest food)

Although experts on healthy eating have different opinions about many things, there are some areas where they agree. One of them is the fact that fish is healthy and everyone, children or pregnant women, should eat it more than once a week. And, why not have the healthiest of them all?

Healthiest fish in the world

Many nutritionists don’t think salmon is just the healthiest fish in the world, but even with blueberries the healthiest food. Why? Because it’s the best source of omega-3 fatty acids on the planet. It also a source of high-quality protein. One serving of wild salmon gives you more than 18 grams of first class protein, not to mention the 360 milligrams of potassium, and nearly half of the daily dose of very important anti-cancer selenium. It contains more than half of the daily intake of vitamin B12 and 30 percent of the daily dose of niacin. It is full of the kind of fat that has more health benefits than any other food in the world.

But wait! Not every salmon is a healthy salmon

All the benefits above, however, are only in wild salmon, which lives in the wild and feeds on natural food. A farmed salmon is quite different. In those farms the fish are side by side like sardines and in these conditions various diseases spread easily.

Salmon is a carnivorous fish – it feeds on mackerels, sardines and krill. In large farms they are fed grain, which makes their fat quite different than in the wild. Grain is not a natural food for fish as well as for poultry and cattle.

In addition, salmon gets its beautiful pink color due to the consumption of prawns, which have a pigment called astaxanthin. It belongs to a group of healthy carotenoids and has a ten times higher antioxidant activity than beta-carotene. Farmed salmon gets its color from farmers – they can choose from a wide variety of colors so the meat looks quite like wild salmon meat.

If you want to buy a wild salmon in the store not the farmed one, in most cases you will find the information listed directly on the package. I have to warn you. It’s not cheap, but if you have it once in a while it’s not that bad. You will get some great benefits from eating a wild salmon. And, it tastes completely different. The taste is amazing and not bland as you would get from a cheap shit salmon.

Don’t fry it!

Whether you buy salmon or other fish, forget frying. If you choose to bake or broil, keep in mind that you do more for yourself and your entire family and you’re another step towards the proper nutrition. Frying kills it all. I know we are used to frying everything, but let’s not do it with fish. OK?

Cheers guys