To Succeed or To Fail?

I must admit I’ve always liked those self-improvement books, videos, podcasts, the lot. It always gives you sort of a boost and you feel like you can do anything in the world. There was this great film called “Secret” and everything they talked about in that movie does make sense. To me, at least.

Then you have brilliant actors like Will Smith or Tom Cruise, or writers such as Napoleon Hill or Jack Canfield that tell us, that if you put your mind into something , success will come sooner or later. And I’m sure there is something to it.

But then there are guys like Seth Godin, whom I admire that tell you, you have to fail first to succeed. We all have heard Cinderella stories about people who were homeless at one point and then hit it big. I think it’s all great, I really do. I believe it helps people to turn their lives around.

But here is the problem.

When do you know you have failed and it’s time to move onto something else? If they’re telling us to hang on and the success will come, then when does that failing part come into the picture?

I don’t really understand this and I think this is one of those reasons why some people don’t make it. It’s because they get trapped in the idea of hanging on and not willing to give up. And It’s sad to see those people chasing a dream and telling us how great they’re going to be or how much success, money, fame or whatever they’re gonna have. Chris Gardner made it, so it must be possible.

If someone walked up to me and asked me which is better, to let go of something that hasn’t worked or hang in there, I wouldn’t know what to tell them.

What are your thoughts on that?