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I tried CrossFit

I tried CrossFit

I started crossfit few months ago and I believe it is the extra motivating factor that I needed to get back to the gym. What is CrossFit Basically CrossFit is a strength and cardio program that is designed to help people get in shape. It is designed to prepare people for any physical challenge. It […]

To Succeed or To Fail?

I must admit I’ve always liked those self-improvement books, videos, podcasts, the lot. It always gives you sort of a boost and you feel like you can do anything in the world. There was this great film called “Secret” and everything they talked about in that movie does make sense. To me, at least. Then you […]

A 100 word thought

I was reading an interesting article this morning about how more and more people use manure to fertilize their soil to grow better food. Now that’s interesting. You see, they call it manure, but that’s just a fancy word for feces, which is a fancy word for shit. So if farmers use shit to help their […]

Times are hard! Really?

We hear that every day. I turned on the radio this morning and the first thing they talked about was about how the country is more in debt and that people take out more loans than they are able to pay. If you turn on the TV and watch the news, all you see is […]

What’s your excuse?

What’s your excuse?

I came across a friend yesterday who used to work out a lot but for some reason he just stopped.  I don’t remember the exact reason, but it’s not important. I remember when he worked out he often talked about how much he can bench, squat, etc. The boasting was endless. It did get on my nerves. I […]

Thai massage

My girlfriend’s been bugging me about a double massage for a long time. I don’t know why women want to do everything together but that’s a story too long for a single post. So anyway, I went with it and the massage she chose was Thai massage. I heard a lot about it but was […]

When I’m lazy

I don’t know about you, but I tend to struggle to find motivation to get up and go work out. It’s not only when I want to work out but in other parts of my days when something needs to be done as well. I don’t think it’s just me. Lot of my friends told […]

Can’t wait to hit the gym again!

I took my girlfriend to the gym today and because I like to work out the old fashioned way I started to train her. But you know, her being a girl, she isn’t interested in that kind of work out. Well I kinda understand that since there aren’t many girls who like to carry weights […]

It really isn’t that difficult…

I went to the gym this morning and I noticed something that has been happening for some time now and that is to finish an exercise and no put dumbbells and weights back where they belong. First, it was only the big guys, those who shout when they work out so people would notice them (you know the kind) but I […]